Letting the unseen be seen through art.


Patty Ripley’s art is inspired by nature and deep heartfelt connection.

Living with her art brings a mix of intuition, play and sacredness into your space.

“Owning a work of art and soul by Patty is like taking a deep breath every time I walk by it and I get to feel the immensity of nature. Patty has a way of feeling her way through pieces like a maestro. I’m grateful to have a piece of her heart in my home.”

Jeanne Bessette - Asheville, NC

"I live with four of Patty Ripley's paintings. One is in my office and it's amazing how drawn my clients are to it. Some see it as abstract and some see it as figurative. It changes with the people. Each of her paintings is very different. Patty is an amazing colorist and I really like the depth of her paintings. I can sit and look at them and see something different each time. They are visually appealing but more than that there's an essence of life in them. They seem fresh and alive whenever I look at them."

Diane Prescott - Cottonwood, AZ


the visceral experience of motion and merging with time

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