Letting the unseen be seen through art.


Patty Ripley’s art is inspired by nature and deep heartfelt connection.

Living with her art brings a mix of intuition, play and sacredness into your space.

“Owning a work of art and soul by Patty is like taking a deep breath every time I walk by it and I get to feel the immensity of nature. Patty has a way of feeling her way through pieces like a maestro. I’m grateful to have a piece of her heart in my home.”

Jeanne B. - Asheville, NC

“My Patty Ripley painting uplifts me everyday with it’s wonderful colors and nod to nature. It brings a little west coast to the east coast! "

Donna M. - Fredricton, NB

sun gems/24x24/mmoncanvas/2018.JPG

the visceral experience of motion and merging with time

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