Living With A Patty Ripley Painting

“The painting is SO gorgeous and just serene! We LOVE it and are so thrilled to see just how dreamy it looks in our home! It is breathtaking, in every type of light - morning, midday and evening as well. We feel incredibly lucky to have such an exquisite painting to enjoy in our home. It brings us a lot of joy!!! Many many thanks for creating this magnificent piece!”
— Jill and Warren Brenner - Short Hills, NJ
“My Patty Ripley painting uplifts me everyday with its wonderful colors and nod to nature. It brings a little west coast to the east coast!”
— Donna Mulholland. - Fredericton, NB
“Life is full of serendipitous moments, like the day I met a woman in my Pilates class and realized it was her artwork that I had been coveting online. Clearly it was meant to be. I now live happily with an exotically colorful and joyful piece plus a second one that brings me immense calm. Thank you, Patty!”
— Patricia Sandberg. - Surrey, BC
“I live with four of Patty Ripley’s paintings. One is in my office and it’s amazing how drawn my clients are to it. Some see it as abstract and some see it as figurative. It changes with the people. Each of her paintings is very different. Patty is an amazing colorist and I really like the depth of her paintings. I can sit and look at them and see something different each time. They are visually appealing but more than that there’s an essence of life in them. They seem fresh and alive whenever I look at them.”
— Diane Prescott. - Cottonwood, AZ
“I love the way Patty plays with paint, color and texture. It amazes me all the things I see hiding in her art; sometimes it’s birds and sometimes it’s faces. I own a piece that looks exactly like a place I’ve been only I know she painted it based on her experiences and the location is within my mind. The colors draw you in and your imagination starts to work.”
— Barb Crone. - Cloverdale, BC
“Owning a work of art and soul by Patty is like taking a deep breath every time I walk by it and I get to feel the immensity of nature. Patty has a way of feeling her way through pieces like a maestro. I’m grateful to have a piece of her heart in my home.”
— Jeanne Bessette. - Asheville, NC
“Our room came to life once Patty’s piece arrived. It brings movement and depth. The colors and lines are vibrant yet calming. Her painting brings me joy.”
— Susan McLennan - White Rock, BC