Creative Expression As A Salve For The World

What’s more freeing than putting aside worries of the current world conditions and creating from a place of pure open-hearted presence? Nothing really. And I’m not suggesting that the creations be only soothing expressions. Not at all! They can be outrage and frustration poured onto the canvas. Or, sublime ethereal beauty of unspoken connection. Or a combination of these. You see, what’s key, is to express what vitality is within you in the moment of creating. It’s from here that we creatives can affect change in the world and our audience will be drawn to this salve for the no bullshit purity of it.

Authentic artistic expression taps into the depth of the soul that’s multi-faceted, wise and unlimited. It speaks truth and this world needs, craves, this right now. Let’s be truth beacons and unleash the wildly creative source onto canvas and watch as it ripples out into the world.

Are you up for doing some sort of creative expression today? And building momentum so that it becomes a practice? Keep checking back as I’m developing offerings in this…